Your mud map to surviving the move to a small town

The honks of the horns, sirens and that tick of the neighbour’s aircon seems extra loud as you toss and turn in a bed that no longer soothes the day’s dramas. Freedom is so close, a … Read More

Your mud map to surviving the move to a small town

The honks of the horns, sirens and that tick of the neighbour’s aircon seems extra loud as you toss and turn in a bed that no longer soothes the day’s dramas. Freedom is so close, a … Read More

So close you can smell the duck poo
Running Duck Studios RAW artists Brisbane’s debut is almost upon us. Everything is wrapped, labelled and ready to go. come and say Hi at the MET this Thursday and if you can’t make it Thursday Night, Running Duck Studio will also be trialing the Fortitude … Read More

Well not quite…Running Duck Studio is expanding its products
First trial of shade umbrellas is a hit!

“Special Moments” with 4 one of a kind hand painted artworks on a stylish shaped umbrella, it’s a seriously stunning piece in black and white worthy of wall hanging let alone functional art.

Let us know what you … Read More

RAW – October 13 at the MET in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
RAW is a fun and alternative way for artists to showcase both to their local community and the world-at-large.
It is not your average art show. it is are loud, colorful, creative, and all about our artists.

A small sample of … Read More

Running Duck Studio popping up in Samford’s Heart and Soul
RDS new artworks now on display in Samford but only for a short time, and selling quick so get in fast. If you need a gift for someone or self, Heart And Soul also has a huge sale going on for most … Read More

Best Stylish Living products by Pure Bamboo with VI Designs
I had the pleasure of designing some bamboo clock for Pure Bamboo, Australian Inspired and made. Some of the designs are below and can be found at myecostore.com.au with a whole lot more brilliant ideas…. Read More

First print from my Perceptions Fantasy book has been sold to a new unique accommodation venue.
Check out Secluded springs Farm stay & Hostel with there new art cabins to come soon…. Read More

Blending art and Photography 2015



Click here to view more VI photography http://www.v-i-o.com/photography/



From nerdy to super cool, Supanova Brisbane had it all this year.
VB and XXXX beer superheros is voted most fun during costume design.

Talk about an overload of talented artists, designers, writers and even singers, you name it, it was there. Full size semi decked out in Transformer … Read More

Shelly Summer had a makeover
Plain Jane to outstanding Jane/Summer. Every time I looked at the first finished version of Shelly Summer my nose turned up, there was something that was just…well boring. I could not leave it at that so I gave her hair extensions, expanded on her tattoo, gave … Read More

Going blue for Supanova at the end of the month
This is Veronica of the valley, a character from my Urban Fantasy; Perceptions-An Evolutionary Tale.

Interestingly, I drew her pre Avatar and Xmen back in 2002. its funny how societies moves in parallel to each other, having similar ideas at … Read More

Around the corner from all the superstars – Floor plans are in
Supanova is getting closer, I will be located just out from the Autograph signing area where all big stars will be, yay. New products have arrived ready for my stall and more to come soon….I hope. Bellow … Read More

Girl in a Box 3, Anastasia
You will not guess where the initial inspiration for this innocent little girl came from….have a look at the last image.

Little Anastasia has a child like presence, tousled hair and a big smile. I picture her running through fields of flowers with the bright blue sky … Read More

A creative journey into my fantasy world
Pine Rivers Art Gallery – Window Gallery 1 – 30 November

Art has always been part of my life, from doing portraits to pay my way through Uni to drawing for Walt Disney TV Animation Australia. And now 20years later I am … Read More

Moreton Bay Arts Council Presents…at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre “In The Eye Of the Beholder” – exhibition
On Show for the public  from 4th – 30th  November. Come and check out some of our local talent, and don’t forget Christmas is coming and what better gift than … Read More

Printfinity is an artists new best friend
It’s the word invented for a technology that’s completely unique to MOO. With Printfinity you can print a different photo or design on every Business Card, Sticker or Postcard in a pack. It’s a real … Read More

An explosion of action in the art room getting ready for next months SUPANOVA event.
Cards, prints, blocks, bags, originals and I have officially buried every table in the house. With over 40,000 people attending the event in Brisbane last year I am expecting big fun.

Supanova Pop Culture Expo, since … Read More

Art awards
Received awards for both my fantasy work and photography at this years Arts Festival in Brisbane.

This years festival was a Montmartre themed event with art workshops, demonstrations and on the spot portrait competition’s. Defiantly an event that could grow into something huge, with something for everyone no matter your … Read More

Art events galore in the next two months
Please follow the link and help me choose which photo I should enter into an upcoming competition. “Seamless Texture” or “Barron Seas”

The packed list of events that I will be participating in include:

Sep 23rd to 27 – Brisbane Art Prize and … Read More

Fantasy designer tote bag decision
Which one do you think?

Looking at putting some of my new girls on a tote bag, but just want to do one for a trial to see how well the images work in this format.

I have narrowed the options to…..Strawberry Rose or Jade?

The original works are on 20cm x … Read More

New characters from the valley Unknown, the split in time between two different realities.
Its that place where all the unexplained happenings come from, and that left sock always ends up. A bit of fun, a bit of the unusual and all those things that make a life really interesting. I … Read More

QRAA People’s Choice Award – Now Open
Voting for the 2015 QRAA People’s Choice Award is now open. Please vote for me


Living in outer Brisbane the wildlife is a prevalent and cherished part of our lives and hence the focal point of my artwork.

As … Read More

One of my newest Web clients, Mineral Water Direct, show us exactly how nature and humanity can working together.
Living on, maintaining and preserving over 625 acres of pristine wilderness for over 20 years, allows Mineral Water Direct to share with you a limited (for preservation purposes)supply of pure noncarbonated mineral … Read More

Hoping to create a few smiles,
This is just a small section of the final artwork that is just about ready to go. This post is to test how the image comes up on other screens (screen resolution configurations is a bitch, and can make or break how a … Read More

The latest in my personified bird series the “carrier” depicts something that happens allot around this area. However usually its just the head for some reason that gets taken, but I thought that may be a little gruesome for humour.
Its getting to that stage where I need to start … Read More

Join in the fun tomorrow at Dayboro Day and bring home a little piece of originality
TheOriginals is an artists support group helping to make connections between local artist and you.

Dayboro Day is the Visual Images members clearance day, which means all VI photography is reduced and … Read More

Reality has left the building! lets have a little fun
Ok, fresh out of the box in time for Dayboro Day my YA (young Adult) novelette PERCEPTIONS – An Evolutionary Tale is now available in paperback.

First Three books sold get to choose a FREE  mounted A4 art print … Read More

Bird personification number 9, around 9 to go. Its the pose we have all seen, the larrikin on the fencepost. You may have even seen him hanging upside down at one time or anther.

All the finished artworks will be exhibited alongside the finished piece and up for sale individually after … Read More

The Brisbane Art Prize is a$10 000 international acquisitive award.
This year, Life Art Worldwide Expo will host the Brisbane Art Prize Finalist Exhibition. … Read More

Art with all its lumps and bumps, watch an  artwork unfold in real time.
At each of my art stalls you will be able to see a piece of art start, develop or be refined, along side of finished works. This guarantees there is something different or new to view, at each stall.

This also … Read More

World wide LACDA 2015 Top 40 competition in Los Angeles
This is the first of my three photographic entries.

“Wild Rose” is about texture and roughness contrasting with the gentleness of life. It plays on the power of nature to shape the environment leaving us almost demure, in comparison.

Native Australian The Tawny Trio
Almost complete, just a few touch ups to go. I think the little guy steels the show, any suggestions for my next mission? What is your favourite Australian bird?

Samford & Surrounds Arts Trail & Open Studios 2015, every weekend in June
Come and get an insider view of some of the brilliant artists in the area. And what a great excuse to travel around our great little piece of paradise under the glorious blue skies of June, expand your cultural palette, … Read More

Australia’s natural personalities
Take the time to sit and really look at the feathered friend out your window or on your balcony, you may be surprised at what you find. A gentle soul, a powerful strutting beast or just a raving loony, it’s sure to add a sparkle to your day. … Read More

Photography in the rain
The below shots are some moody Church action, and the illegal train shot from me sussing out where to place the bombs…..oops not suppose to say that word am I, probably going to have the police on my doorstep soon…..no wait, we are … Read More

QRAA Awards submission piece’s progress
Hillary the Heron is almost complete but with the deadline closing fast, The Tawny trio are following close. The playful tawny’s are quite a treat, with their comical poses and oversized brows, a sense of humour is easily found.


Four characters of about 24 bird breeds found … Read More

The latest adventure for the girls is complete, here is a peek.

The Personification series is available in greeting card sets, more info soon. Visit www.v-i-o.com for more card designs



Samford Artworks Easter Exhibition
Had the pleasure of visiting this exhibition today at the Samford Farmers hall, corner of Main Street and Cash Avenue. Beautifully set out, with great variety and even better quality of work, this exhibition should not be missed, last day tomorrow 9am to 5pm.

You’ve seen their online galleries, why … Read More

What’s the Meaning of life? Now that’s a question and a half
This is the question artist all over Brisbane and the world will be exploring and attempting to express, in the … Read More

Don’t miss the Bluewater Festival’s Art Exhibition Opening
Proudly brought to the community by Stirling Hinchliffe at St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe from 6-9pm. Entries into this years Bluewater Festival Art Competition will be on display and the winners will be announced at 7pm, just before the skyline explodes with fireworks at … Read More

The clouds open their mouths, and the rolling hills ascend into sprawling valleys, buttressing into pockets of smoke billowing towers, contrasting with the historical statements.

Settling down with a thud beside a crouching Tumblong. “THE WINTER PRINCE”

Pattern is in every thing we see, every shadow, every flicker of light, its what … Read More

Queensland Regional Art Awards 2015 and Dayboro birds.
My new project (I usually have about 5 going at once) is titled “Flocking Dayboro”, and will be brining to life the personalities of just about every bird found in our area(little nervous there are quite a few). The birds will be perched and propped in … Read More

There has been a lot of buzz about the success of the reintroduction of wolves overseas, and now the possibility of the Tasmanian Devil release. So why not the Dingo’s? Get rid of the domesticated wild dog problems and reinstate the top of the … Read More

Welcome to new Dayboro Art Gallery member Trudy Brooks. Trudy’s art work is featured on the Artist of the Month wall during March. Call in any day of the week 10am to 3pm,
cnr William Street and Mt Mee Road, Dayboro. Qld. 4521 More information on the Dayboro Art Gallery … Read More

I would like you to meet “Mime” This is only the rough, initial drawing and is a character from a lyrical story that I am writing “THE WINTER PRINCE”. The character and story is derived from looking out of the car window on a journey to the snow. The sun was … Read More

Personification of animals only takes observation and association. All be it some animals are more expressive than others, for example the long neck turtle below with a very human smile

view some of my photography at v-i-o.com

However I would like you to meet “mime” This is only the rough, … Read More

“The darkness had barely reached the iris before Jade let out a quiet murmur, almost a growl from the back of her throat. Clambering to her feet with a swagger of frustration she now stood slightly hunched in front of her mirror, as trembling fingers smoothed back her hair as … Read More

A slight twist of fancy with wide eyes of blue, and a little wren saying peek a boo.

Little pink is an artwork that some of you may recognise. She was created over the past few months during The Originals regular art stall, outside the Dayboro Tea house. If you are interested in seeing … Read More

We exist to live! Life is the sole component to our being. We love, we hate, we build, we brake, we grow, we change, and we evolve. Perceptions – An Evolutionary tale eBook


Many little characters come out of the space between doing one thing or another. Doodling is not just a time filler but a creative stimulation tool, you never know where your inspiration will come from and drawing in different locations always brings new ideas that can be built on. … Read More

Bright red and raring to go, the new Fire station gallery at Redcliffe officially opened over the weekend. The old station has been transformed into a beautiful and very functional art space, with display rooms and loads of work shop spaces. www.firestationprintstudio.com.au… Read More

Stimulate your imagination – Elephantasia
Let your imagination run wild, Who are these creatures? what have they been up to? A hint of humour perhaps.

This is purely lead pencil on paper fantasy, raw and beautiful. Click here to view more fantasy art



Once discarded, toys and tools of mankind are slowly reclaimed from whence they came…

The human aspect or impact on nature, viewed as brutal and ugly, but beauty is found in the … Read More

How can I help? This should be your thoughts going into a MARKETING event, with always at the back of your mind your goals, and what you have to offer.

Point number one, no hard sales pitches, start with your story that leads into what you are doing now.
listen, mostly we formulate … Read More

And what a delightful individual. I went to a very informative and I have to say enjoyable Food For Thought event last night. The presenter was a very enthusiastic and motivational Kerryanne Farrer (The Pineapple Queen B) who enlightened us on networking.

Starting first with her story made it easy for … Read More

“Another Goofy movie” was the second feature film that the Australian Walt Disney studio worked on after moving away from just doing TV animation. These images were just practice but they show the rough stage of drawing similar(sometimes a lot rougher) to what an animator would present to a clean up artist … Read More

“they just had to have it” got to love that statement, its the one feeling that drives art sales above all other reasons. This was one of the comments made when my “Personification – Mangroves” piece was sold recently and makes it all worthwhile. The Adventures of big Bev and Wendy Spoonbill series, … Read More

Old style double hung windows bled seamlessly with classic cars of the past. This is a mock up of one of my next projects, converting an old window into a unique standing frames. Rough prints on plain copy paper allows me to get the photo size right to fit the frame…. Read More

This is the kind of doodle I do when waiting for someone or something. No real purpose other than to fill time and squeeze a little drawing into a busy schedule. Click to view more art

And no I did not have this image … Read More

I have no idea! It seems to be just like the traditional publishing process, and select the most appropriate reviewer for your book. If your name is not out there, it’s hit and miss if they decide to read your book. You have really got to be a salesman, and … Read More

Moreton bay Art Awards
are coming up fast, entries close 27th of Feb. Taking the girls out for the day again….Personification 2 – Rock Pools. This is my work in progress, visit my Bloginsights into the design process : … Read More

Fantasy is art for the mind, for inspiration and for … Read More

I used Amazon’s Kindle Direct (LDP) to publish my Fantasy eBook “PERCEPTIONS – AN EVOLUTIONARY TALE”  which was relatively painless.

The guidelines are all there and with a little bit of extra help from google about 3 days of fine tuning and formatting.

The images were … Read More

Old style V New, I like to experiment with a mix of digital and illustration, but try not to lose the identity of the illustrations. The stroke clarity allows there to be a clear distinction between purely digital creations and not.  Its got to look like a drawing otherwise … Read More

“wherever the miracle of miraculous recovery is recorded you can be sure Julien is not far away, and healing waters began popping up all over the countryside.

That was the beginning; Mathew spread his workers all over the world and a subtle revolution began”… Read More

The blue is paling as the air thins and withdraws from the warmth in preparation of the inevitable tide. The trees now naked and almost shivering in the brisk breeze. Those with leaves are twisted, almost distorted, flinching away from the cold beginning to creep in.   … Read More

Publishers will make you jump through so many hoops that you are so unmotivated at the end that you feel like just giving up. But don’t, If writing is not intended to be your mainstream employment maybe select the most appropriate Publisher to submit to, then if no luck go … Read More

If you love to write, don’t let the publishing process crush you. 
The hoops you will need to jump through are endless :  cover letter, Synopses, blurb, detailed rundown on who what when and why, Short description, long description, 2min pitch, your history, their history……..how many similar books you … Read More

Sheep inspired by scenery between Tamworth and Muswellbrook: They stand proud on their mounds gently inhaling the crisp air, exhaling in a telling wisp full cloud of vapour. Their self-insulation is a blissful comfort as the evening sun sinks over the patchwork hills. Easing their way to a scattered tuff, they … Read More

Ok so the subject title may be a little abstract Ill admit, but the essence is there. I took advantage of that stage in pregnancy, all those wale like moments, where you just couldn’t do much but sit and think. And used this time to start writing stories. Everyone should … Read More

 have been recently told that some my art should be classified as Erotic art? I have always gone under the title of Fantasy art. I guess that explains the strange looks I got from some of the mums at school when my 10 year old daughter took some of … Read More

The Valley Unknown – Inspirational thoughts, pre story: 

The Valley Unknown is a split in time between the present and the future. The inhabitants of the Valley where created and projected from the minds of the future in an attempt to prevent the self destruction that has unfolded on many … Read More