Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 trip – Hwy delights
A light crunch to the grass and the telltale vapour pillowing from excited lips signal the migration South for the winter. Yes, apparently I am not cold enough yet haha. Or is it our defiance to not aline ourselves … Read More

Thongs and Queenslanders in the Aussie snow 2018 trip – Hwy delights
A light crunch to the grass and the telltale vapour pillowing from excited lips signal the migration South for the winter. Yes, apparently I am not cold enough yet haha. Or is it our defiance to not aline ourselves … Read More

Heading home from a Daintree winter
There was a lot of moisture in the air when we readied ourselves for departure in the morning. However, lucky enough to get a break in the clouds for a mini-tour around Port Douglas and their markets. Brilliant! Everything from designer clothes and shoes to … Read More

Heading North for winter DAY Eight – The Daintree and Cape Tribulation
I attempted a sunrise shoot early the next morning as such is my holiday ritual, however, I have to say a little disappointed. At least this means I can sleep in for the rest of the trip and mark … Read More

Heading North for winter DAY Seven – Port Douglas
H was no better in the morning and by the time we reached Mossman Gorge he was in the full throws of sinus and coughing….so we left him staring at four walls again…really we do feel for him but thought best if … Read More

Heading North for winter DAY SIX – Fitzroy Island
By morning the Curlews had gone and momentarily forgotten for the thrill of our new adventure.

The hour of washing machine motion was the usual fun park ride for LR, however, B and I didn’t fare so well. B launched just before the … Read More

Heading North for winter DAY FIVE -Kuranda and Cairns
We made our way through the now familiar flowering cane fields that now in full bloom seemed cloud like. An image that seemed  fitting as we arrived at the Sky rail and glided above the rainforest like a bird. There was only a … Read More

Heading North for Winter DAY FOUR
Back on the road, the scenery had turned from dry scrub too green. P.s there was only three freight trains last night he he quite the experience.

A golden understory of Honey Gem Grevillea’s set against ripple like slender trunks and flanked by elegant dark barked … Read More

Heading North for winter DAY THREE
You know those movies where people are buried alive, and the sound just as the first load of sand gets dumped on the enclosed box. Now that’s the feeling you get when a sudden downpour hits your caravan in the middle of … Read More

Heading North for Winter Day two
The morning was a whole other story, with fire embers well and truly snuffed the 2 degrees created some morning stiffness (not a term usually acquainted with the female species) and certainly not a pleasant sensation. I greeted the morning sunrise as a … Read More

Join us as we head north to thaw the toes and try to not get eaten in the process.
It was with twisted branches, scattered leaves and mysterious flying objects that we left our home town for an Australian iconic piece of paradise. Strangely, the wild and windy night … Read More

Working on some new girls in boxes
If anyone would like to be put in a box??? send me some favourite photos of yourself expressing your personality, and I will see what I can do.

Painted progress coming soon..

EMU PARK to Coominglah Range
What are you willing to do to get a great photo? up before sunrise in an unknown territory. The ocean pebbles crunched and clanked as I awkwardly stumbled in the dark, as close to the receded tied edge as I dared. After checking out a few locations by lining … Read More

First print from my Perceptions Fantasy book has been sold to a new unique accommodation venue.
Check out Secluded springs Farm stay & Hostel with there new art cabins to come soon…. Read More

Blending art and Photography 2015



Click here to view more VI photography




A flicker of brilliant colour transformed your average morning exploration into something magical. Tiny Rainbow Bee Eaters were darting everywhere as we watched the sunrise, and the old bridge comes into the light.

This was also the time of rude awakening. Having never travelled this far … Read More

Unusual friends, Fire Flies and endless beaches. As day broke, I snuck out by myself (becoming the usual routine to get a little bit of quiet and experience nature to its fullest). I found a Kingfisher with a few unusual friends, fluffy chooks perched in the trees … Read More

A mysterious regrowth wonderland.
Murgon to Faulkner Park

Back roads are the golden roads to discovery, and driving these roads to Mount Perry lookout found us at a mysterious regrowth wonderland. … Read More

Moreton Bay Arts Council Presents…at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre “In The Eye Of the Beholder” – exhibition
On Show for the public  from 4th – 30th  November. Come and check out some of our local talent, and don’t forget Christmas is coming and what better gift than … Read More

Flowering forests, dark caves, ocean sunrises and soaring eagles are just a touch on spring in Queensland

Only a short distance from Brisbane along the Bunya Hwy lies a hidden wetland, full of birds and graceful Gums. To fully appreciate resident and migratory … Read More

New Zealand Winter trip DAY SIX
Involuntary squeals and giggles erupting as the realization and fear of possibly falling out took over, as we hung out the back of the car on the slow climb up the mountain . The regular stops along the way revealed the remains of … Read More

QRAA People’s Choice Award – Now Open
Voting for the 2015 QRAA People’s Choice Award is now open. Please vote for me…

Living in outer Brisbane the wildlife is a prevalent and cherished part of our lives and hence the focal point of my artwork.

As … Read More

New Zealand Winter trip DAY FIVE
The nomad gene was flaring its head the next day as we headed out for some exploration. Taking the Wanaka to Haast drive we passed some amazing countryside, with the extensive lakes taking the medal for extreme dramatic impact.

However … Read More

New Zealand Winter trip DAY FOUR
We land at the snow field for our second day skiing, and all ready to go……B where is your scarf and snow jacket???? You got to love rentals. I know, I know, he is only 8, but coooome on!

Eventually B arrived at the ski lessons … Read More

New Zealand Winter trip 2015 DAY THREE
Have you ever been so cold that you thought the snot dripping from your nose might freeze over….that was me, up before sunrise exploring our new place. Juggling camera, tripod, gloves, timer, tissues and remote all with numb fingers. And still didn’t get a … Read More

New Zealand Winter trip 2015 DAY TWO.
LR and I got up early to do the gym and spa (you probably wouldn’t call it a workout, we had too much fun and not enough sweat). A good start as we had high hopes for our … Read More

A snapshot of a New Zealand winter, its beauty, history, and cold bits. A place of rugged mountains, epic lakes and waterfalls on every turn.

New Zealand Winter trip DAY ONE
From beneath the warm cacoon of my blanket I glanced out ……still dark, the … Read More

Drove through the clouds on the weekend without leaving the road or dreaming.
On the way up Mount Mee Road is gorgeously inspiring at the best of times, but this time it was also surreal. As the sun struggled to peace through the low hanging clouds, a soft layering … Read More

World wide LACDA 2015 Top 40 competition in Los Angeles
This is the first of my three photographic entries.

“Wild Rose” is about texture and roughness contrasting with the gentleness of life. It plays on the power of nature to shape the environment leaving us almost demure, in comparison.

Samford & Surrounds Arts Trail & Open Studios 2015, every weekend in June
Come and get an insider view of some of the brilliant artists in the area. And what a great excuse to travel around our great little piece of paradise under the glorious blue skies of June, expand your cultural palette, … Read More

Photography in the rain
The below shots are some moody Church action, and the illegal train shot from me sussing out where to place the bombs…..oops not suppose to say that word am I, probably going to have the police on my doorstep soon… wait, we are … Read More

Oakey Fly in shots and the beautiful Lake Cressbrook



Its morning and the thoughts of the day before still linger. The overpowering Catalina Bomber. She seemed almost in slow motion, but on touchdown her presence was overwhelming and almost haunting.



Lets hope these are the only fighting most of us … Read More

Bowenville to Oakey, when reality touches the soul(30km 25 min)
The sun peeking through old gum trees greeted us as we made our way to the Australian Army Flying Museum Oakey.



Smiles were wide as very friendly army folk greeted us, and then treated to the most informative and entertaining guided walk … Read More

Dayboro to Bowenville Reserve (3.5hr 229km)
A defining quack! interrupts my thoughts, glancing out the bathroom window I spy 4 defiant girls with the “Have you forgotten something” pose going on. So much attitude in such a hilarious package. They will be seriously disappointed, as it being only a short trip … Read More

Leyburn to Dayboro (3.5hr 235km)
Scoring the local historic trail booklet on the way back from our unguided tour the day before, built great anticipation for an early morning walk. Unfortunately, there proved to be more walking than viewing (LR’s grumbling could be heard in the distance Lol). Apparently … Read More

Narrabri to Leyburn 4 h 10 min (396.7 km)
In the morning, the storm now passed, the fields become on fire with the touch of first light as LR and I dodge semi in search of a … Read More

 DAY FOUR DUBBO TO WARRUMBUMGLE National Park (141km 2.5hr)
The skeleton of past glory is slowly disappearing as new growth climbs higher. Now only the blackened fingertips stand above the forest walls, yet the fires destruction is still strongly evident. This limited cover also gives us views of the … Read More

Behind the scenes at the Western Planes Zoo DUBBO
Early morning rises after late nights have a lot to answer for. After making around four laps of the caravan park, we managed to retrieve all the things we had forgotten in our sleepy haze, and we headed for the … Read More

TEXAS TO DUBBO(550km 7.5hr)
As the daylight started to edge out of the night, I found the kids in the tightest foetal position on record. Hence the blankets were out from then on.



Tip-toeing around the campsite was somewhat of a novelty with the crunching rocks setting off a domino of growls … Read More

Dayboro to Koreelah National Park (184km 3.5hr)
Our working from home bubble pops when blinking red lights become almost hypnotic, (not good for H’s seizures) and we were introduced to the concept of peak hour traffic once again.

When clear and on the Lake Moogerah Rd, the views were of … Read More

Carnarvon Gorge to Chinchilla Weir (430km 5.40hr)
As the sun hit the rock faces of the Gorge they lit up like beacons, the early morning hike to view the sunrise was well worth it. The lookout walk starts at the back of the Takarakka Bush Resort and caravan park.


I couldn’t get enough … Read More

Carnarvon Gorge
The options for walks in the Gorge are numerous and well layed out in the Park Guide  please note that there has been some recent flooding in the area since our trip in 2013 so you will be up for a whole new experience..I can’t … Read More

Sapphire to Takarakka Bush Resort (Carnarvon Gorge) (294km 3.5hr)
A surprising flutter of colour by the ear brings new depth to the morning. Wildlife up close and personal as the Rainbow lorikeets type rope the chairs so close you could give them a kiss…we … Read More

Lloyd Jones Weir camping area to Sapphire (793km 3.5hr)
One our departure we were subjected to a strange farewell as the Cockatoos lined the exit, with their backs to us?….not sure if I should take a deeper meaning to this but was an awesome sight none the less. The landscape was … Read More

Qantas Founders Outback Museum
The kids rose with great expectations written all over their faces, with the Qantas Museum not far away. There is something about aeroplanes that fascinate little ones, and big kids as well I might add. Unfortunately, one big kid will not make the … Read More

Charleville to Longreach (Thrush rd)314km(3.30hr)
Stockman’s Hall of Fame
As the children slept, the brown falcons decorated the power lines, the small birds perched like strange fruit on bare trees and the silence of early morning in the outback was dominant. However it is the site of the … Read More

Morven to Charleville
The clash of humans and wildlife at times merge well, leaving us in awe of these creature’s. Unfortunately this is not always the case, what we sore on this stretch of road is unforgivable.


The early morning walk brought about an interesting soccer match, and interesting town … Read More

Drillham to Mitchell (207km 2.30hr)


Sinking into the hot springs on a warm day seems slightly out of place, but the soothing water and massaging jets puts you in a great frame of mind. Mitchell turns out to be a surprising little town with streets lined with grand Bottletrees … Read More

Managed to squeeze some time out to start on the details of Mime, however I did not get far…..After 40 you tend to need to get really up-close and personal with drawings to get the details. Hence, it wasn’t until I felt the warmth and noticed a smouldering burning smell that I became … Read More

Oakey to Miles(141 Murilla St)184km(2.15hr)


This is by far the best, and most complete museum/historical Village we have visited to date. It goes further than your usual room jammed with old bottles, buttons and hand saws and recreates an entire town. Railway, pub, hospital, Butcher, Baker….the works, and all decked … Read More

Helidon to Toowoomba(Godfrey St)17km(20min)
→Cnr Margaret St & Godfrey(or Herries St)
→Spring Carnival(Queens Park)
●Art stalls Margaret Street, between Neil & Dent Streets
●Sideshow Alley-frogs Hollow, Lower Queens Park, Margaret St
●Cars-Godsall St Oval, Queens Park, Godsall St

We rose to an unusual silence….Its official, LR Has Laryngitis (We always manage to pick some … Read More

Charleville, Longreach, Emerald and Carnarvon Gorge loop.
Come with us on our next journey and discover golden sunrises, death roads, drunken Lorikeets, an Artesian Spar and lots more. Spring 2013:

 Dayboro to James Hedges rest area(Helidon)177km(2:30hr)
It’s spring so what better way to start our journey than … Read More

Maryborough to Brooyar state Forest
Mary Poppins and market day, the streets are alive with interest in this town. There is a little train that goes around the park with these massive rooted trees, and statues and the Mary Poppins story on corners around the town.

We headed straight onto the state … Read More

Green sea turtles, and rainbow coloured sands.

A squealy girl giggle escaped from both kids, yes even the boy, their joy apparent as the first turtle breached the satin waters. By the end turtles were climbing over each other to get their feed of plain old lettuce right from the our … Read More

Burnett Heads to Hervey bay (2hrs)
As I lay not awake, but not asleep, listening to the waves, a gentle rock of the caravan alerted me to the rise of the little members of the family. I held my breath waiting for them to burst through the curtains in all the … Read More

Paradises underbelly


The shakiness of my step was overpowered as I step out onto the pontoon, the serene beauty of what lay before me was all encompassing. We headed straight for the Island to still any residual sway in foot, and entered a whole other world. Besides the beauty, … Read More

The Mission and execution, Lady Musgrave Island
Lady Musgrave Island is a turquoise jewel at the base of the great Barrier Reef ( )



To get there we took the comfortable ‘MV Lady Musgrave’ for a day trip, at very reasonable pricing considering what you get:

75 mins from Roundhill Head … Read More

Lake Monduran to 1770 (1.2hr)

Next stop the beautiful Town of 1770 ( ). We cruised around the area first and fell in love, so picturesque and especially loved the practically on the beach camping(maybe not good for a Macia visit though). Only problem is you have to really … Read More

Kinbombi Falls to Lake Monduran (3hr)

Falling to sleep to the silence of the bush is a stark contrast to the early mornings. By the first hint of light, the bush comes alive with bird chatter, and we are off to our next destination.

Lake Monduran is an impressive … Read More

Dec 22nd Dayboro to Kinbombi Falls (3hr 40min)
We started off early, and with the Landcruiser pulling up the Mt Mee hills like it was carrying a paper weight, we were off to a great start with some fantastic scenery…. Read More

Once discarded, toys and tools of mankind are slowly reclaimed from whence they came…

The human aspect or impact on nature, viewed as brutal and ugly, but beauty is found in the … Read More

To Paradise and back! Vomit, fireplaces and an island that feeds off its wildlife!


Our next road trip goes feral in the most beautiful places, on a Christmas adventure to paradise and back. After our first … Read More

Indulging in the past
What is it about things that are really old that make us stop. People age (mostly unpleasantly) gradually. But at some point aging becomes beautiful. Not in a fashion model sense, but in awe of the journey that must have been taken. The facades and need to fit in falls … Read More

Its that time of year again!
Big Bev and Wendy spoonbill are on the move, if anybody  would like Big Bev and Wendy spoonbill to visit their part of town, send in your flooding photos. This ones from Janelle Nielsen in Dayboro… Read More

Lightning Ridge to DAYBORO(9hr)
Home was beckoning, and kids were getting restless so we diverged from our plan to stay in Dalby and finished off with a marathon drive to home and the rest of the family.

Below is an example of the … Read More

Exploring Lightning Ridge day 13
An interestingly unique town of old cars, shanty homes and old mining holes and mounds. The coloured door tours is a brilliant  idea however we found ourselves getting lost with all the little tracks going everywhere(getting lost not so good with all the holes in the ground…and … Read More

Bourke To Lightning Ridge (3hr40min315km)
Kicking up some dirt again, we discovered oodles of wildlife but you can see why there is so much road kill on the highways. They really don’t have a brain between them. As long as your taking your time its all good, but we found that … Read More

WHITE CLIFFS TO BOURKE (5hr30min514km)
Sunset and sunrise at white Cliffs is exceptional, especially when you take into account the vast expanse of countryside that can be viewed from above the underground Motel (where we stayed) sunset was a pleasant experience, sunrise a froze my bus off … Read More


Mornings were still bitterly cold but got out of the car for this little beauty, a great stone railway half way between Peterborough and Broken hill.

Sometimes its great not knowing your left from right, … Read More

Peterborough ghosts
Peterborough was voted(family vote) to have the best town signs… Read More


Picnic on the mountain tops, with a view for miles of Spencers Gulf and the Port Augusta area. Located at the top of the historic Horrocks Pass(The pass was named after the explorer John Horrocks who descended through the … Read More

AILEM BEND TO MIRANDA (4hr30min377km)

Started the day out beautifully with little free car ferry ride across the river.
First stop was a great little town called Crystal brook full of fantastic stone building… Read More

We took a detour off our plan to find some wind farms (Macarthur-Hawkesdale rd)and also discovered a great waterfall and picnic spot (Nigretta Falls -37.6558 141.924606).
The drive took us through countryside dotted with massive twisted trunks of some grand old gum trees, seaming almost prehistoric in … Read More

CRANBOURN TO WARRNAMBOOL via Great Ocean Rd(6hr30min304km)Cape Otway Lighthouse was an experience and a half, the drive in was lined with trees full of strange fury fruit (Koalas) they were hanging everywhere. Wild weather was invigorating at the cliff tops, and brought a little terror into the eyes of the … Read More

MT BULLER TO PHILLIP ISLAND (5hr)Ok first stop Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate, brilliant. Chocolate waterfall….need I say more. They even have chocolate games and you create and eat your own chocolate pattern. … Read More

Mt Buller Chalet Best place ever, spa, gym, pool, ski straight in the door of the chalet and only a short walk to food shops and chairlift.Had to stay two nights. Not the best weather, … Read More

YASS TO Mt Buller (6hr498km)
First break is Germination Park Submarine

Oddies Creek Play Space has a lovely short walk

The real changes in to the landscape … Read More

Rude awakening to the morning, as our beautiful little boy insisted on bringing up the yogurt from the night before. Tip, don’t risk dairy products in your car fridge (we have a 40lt auto fridge in the back) MT VICTORIA TO YASS (5hr51min408km) New car smell now officially gone, but entering … Read More

By the time we reached Mt Victory at the top of the Blue Mountains it was dark, cold and raining but we were greeted by the warm open fireplaces of the Majestic Imperial Hotel.

This Imperial is several leaps up from Bingara’s in terms of a grand … Read More

Bingara to Mt Victoria 8hrVia Muswelbrook and Putty rd 
Our back road journey took us past beautiful horse studs and mountains of coal. We attempted to find the Hunter Bell Cheese and yoghurts so we could see things being made, however after going round in circles a few times … Read More

At the suns first kiss the skies ignite and we make our move from Dayboro Queensland

Settling into our seats, greeted like a warm embrace (seat warmer button on) as the crisp new car smell fills our nostrils. Picked up the Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara LC200 Twin Turbo Diesel (and … Read More

HI! join me on the ultimate Australian photo shoot